The RADA Team

John-Paul Nobrega

A qualified Chartered Accountant with his own practice in Gauteng, over 15 years experience in audit and tax, with ten years experience at SARS in transfer pricing, tax law and corporate tax. J-P is one of the founding members of RADA and is responsible for its financial and strategic direction.

Jacqueline Gilbert

A facilitator of personal growth and transformative workshops. She currently runs the Transformation Development Centre (existing facility). She has worked extensively around the world using techniques of healing, channeling, meditation and energy processes. Jacqueline will facilitate the education to all RADA staff including professional staff on the processes and methods RADA will deploy to heal a nation.

Qualified professionals:

Currently, nine people work at the Bryanston facility. The staff compliment per future facility will depend on the size of the facility and the need that each facility must address within the community.

Professional staff will include:
Senior Social Welfare Workers; Social Welfare Workers; Psychologists; Psychiatrists; Nurses; Medical Doctors; Chartered Accountants.

The majority of caregivers will have professional qualifications in their respective fields such as psychology, physical wellness and medicine. All staff – including ground staff and doctors – will also go through the RADA training process.

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