The Journey

Whilst the journey to develop a RADA Centre has begun, there is still a long way to go. A group of like-minded business and medical practitioners have come together to work towards realising this goal. To achieve this goal a phased approach is planned.

Current situation Phase 2 (12 months) Phase 3 (18 – 36 months)
  • RADA healing centre based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, staffed by psychologists trained in the RADA approach exists.
  • RADA is an Approved Public Benefit Organisation (the PBO number 9300 486 28).
  • RADA Training Academy created in Bryanston and Randburg.?Services SETA Accreditation Number is 9998.
  • RADA is a registered npc with a registered bank account.
  • RADA has a level three BBBEE Accreditation status.
  • RADA Unearthed created to identify fresh musical talent.
  • Launch of RADA Unearthed VOL 1 CD.
  • RADA CARE established including functional projects.
  • Raise awareness of RADA through events targeting high profile individuals and/or corporates.
  • Commenced construction of the RADA in-house rehabilitation centre – completion date first half of 2018.
  • Completion of RADA Inspire CD.
  • Launch RADA in Cape Town and Durban.
  • Increase awareness of RADA services.
  • Expand and enhance RADA CARE.
  • Leverage current facility.
  • Build client base.
  • Train professionals: social welfare, police, education practioners.
  • Secure partnerships.
  • Raise funding required to build further facilities.
  • Facilities to be built over 3 years.
  • Intensify awareness campaign of RADA services.
  • Intensify educational and training programmes.
  • Facility to be fully operational.
  • Launch satellite centres in Cape Town and Durban.

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