What will RADA Achieve?

Without a holistic intervention to address rape, alcohol, drugs and abuse, the problem will continue to grow and will lead to the eventual disintegration of our democracy.

RADA’s vision is to create a facility that will focus on the proactive and reactive aspects of treating victims of rape and abuse. An environment of peace, harmony, compassion and safety aimed at awakening the power within all human beings will facilitate an effective healing process.

The focus will be on effective delivery of service:

Timely and accurate reportingHealing and education processTrained and skilled professionals
  • Detectives on site
  • District Surgeon on site
  • Employed by RADA
  • Safeguarding of evidence
  • Personal guidance and support
  • Power from within
  • Personal empowerment
  • Education of children and their parents – proactive approach
  • Senior involvement in daily running of operations
  • Debriefing sessions
  • Technical training
  • Focus on emotional IQ

The RADA facility will be managed as a business entity by highly skilled and qualified business and medical practitioners who are passionate and committed to addressing rape, alcohol, drugs and abuse in South Africa.

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