RADA at a Glance

Key focus areas:



To facilitate an effective healing process by creating an environment of peace, compassion and safety so that it awakens the power and light that exists within all beings.

To help each person realise that they possess the divine light within to achieve their dreams, that we are all powerful beyond measure and that being pure and good is a natural state of mind that we all deserve.


We will cater for any person that requests help and is willing to take responsibility for themselves. There are a number of statistics to support the fact that the key areas of focus of RADA are in desperate need of attention in South Africa.

Distinctive approach:

One-stop shop
Effective and efficient
Accurate and timely reporting
Skilled personnel and detectives on site
Medical facilities on site
Healing process – focuses on power from within
Educating children and their parents on these societal issues – proactive approach
Upliftment of the community
Business development centre – promotion of skills and transformation

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