Andries Meyer Old Age Home

Andries Meyer Old Age Home (AMOAH) ‘a resting place for the aged’, cares for up to 82 elderly people on their property in Eldorado Park on the outskirts of Soweto.  This non-profit, non-racial organization has been in operation since 1971.  The home has been a pillar of hope in the community for over 40 years and provides quality home based care for its government subsidised pensioners.

AMOAH is kept running thanks to its dedicated staff of 48, made up of qualified caregivers and nurses, who offer 24-hour medical attention. The housekeeping staff oversees day-to-day chores which include washing of laundry, preparing meals, conducting recreational activities and completing psychosocial reports.  The elderly are also looked after by a doctor who visits the home on a weekly basis.  The residents are encouraged to participate in the aerobics and physiotherapy sessions at the home to help keep them active.

RADA was introduced to the home in August when we conducted an activation at AMOAH for Women’s month as part of the RADA Inspire campaign.  After viewing the facility and meeting the staff, RADA decided that it was a place we could assist and support going forward. With the help of sponsors we are now providing food to the home on a monthly basis and will continue to assess and assist with the needs of the home.

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