April 2019: Treat Others the way you Want to be Treated…

The service sector plays a vital role in our country’s economy and makes up three quarters of the employment market. People who work in the service industry have a frontline position often 24/7, and are faced with human behaviour and inconsistencies on a daily basis.

It is human nature to project what we are feeling onto those around us. This is further complicated by the way our attitude is perceived which in turn influences the behaviour of the next person, and so begins the ripple effect. It is vital, as a society, and individuals contributing to the collective, that we become more aware of the influence we have over those around us.

For the month of April, RADA’s aim is to encourage citizens to be mindful of those around us and change our attitudes towards those in public service. By shifting perspective and creating a better understanding of the daily lives and struggles of those who work in the service industry i.e. waiters, train and bus operators, petrol attendants, domestic workers, cashiers, the police, nurses etc.

Be conscious of the people you encounter every day and work on making a difference in those people’s lives. Create a ripple effect of positive change around you and ultimately change a nation.

Slow down, communicate, take the time to be more understanding and respect those who serve us.

Much like RADA Inspire Road Rage and Taxi Awareness Month, the aim is to encourage collective empathy and to highlight the importance of being mindful in our interaction with others. Take a step back and recognise people for who they are. Remember to show appreciation for services offered. It is often our disregard for others that leads to hostility and tension.

Top tips: ?

  • Acknowledge those in service by referring to them by name.
  • Consciously ask people ‘how their day is going’ and do not always accept ‘fine’ as an answer. Encourage conversation and take the time to listen to the answer
  • Don’t offend or use obscene language
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Practice wisdom and understanding for others
  • Be tolerant and forgiving
  • Remember mishaps aren’t always the fault of the person in service, though they often bear the brunt of it
  • Spread positivity

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